Be Part of A Grand "Neural Physiology Reset Weight Loss" Experiment & Save HUGE $$$

21 Day Challenge
21 DAYS: Each Day Experience Healing Journeys or Attunements, or Spontaneous Transformation Sessions & MORE…
For 21 Days each day you will access a powerful set of (already recorded); healing journeys, Spontaneous Transformation Sessions, attunements, sound vibration healings, and many other Energy Medicine tools here to support a new way of turning on the good genes turning off the “bad ones, resetting and switching on the hormones, creating new neural pathways, and changing the habitual beliefs that have made it difficult to lose weight.
RESET: Shift The Neural Physiology & Heal the Part of The Brain Influencing Cravings, Satiation, and Fat Release  
The intention of this program is to focus on many aspects of the neural physiology of the brain. That also means addressing the deep seated unconscious beliefs, and turning back on the endocrine system the hormones, that enables a releases of the hormones in the fat (that keep it holding on). AND ensuring the neural chemistry is working better. Plus you’ll be creating new weight set points and create vibrational support for release.
EXPERIMENT: Join a Powerful Experiment to Heal the Underlying Causes of Holding Weight (HUGE DISCOUNT)
You’re invited on a potent and sacred 21-Day journey to dive in to deep cleansing, healing, and emotional clearing, shifting the mind into a new way of experiencing weight loss. There are a lot of mechanics out there for weight loss, but not a lot focused on resetting the set point through releasing old beliefs & emotions and shifting the frequencies which is her specialty… PLUS join in at a huge discount for this grand experiment.

21 Days of DAILY Practice Creates New Habits of REAL Change!
Research has proven that if you do something for 21 days it initiates a neural pathway groove for that new habit.

It takes another 40 days or so for the groove of habit to become automatic.

However, now you can accelerate this whole process by adding in deep, energy increasing, and vibrational changing practices everyday.

THEN, it’s like you’ve accelerated it to 90 days worth of neural groove-making patterns of change in just 21 days.